Wednesday, March 26, 2014

White Shirt Wednesday

For this weeks White Shirt Wednesday feature I wanted to talk about the thing most of us live in, the t-shirt and jeans.

Let's say you're hanging out in your daily "uniform" (looking something lovely, like this) and you have a friend call you up and say they want to get together for drinks because you haven't seen each other in ages.  Crap... I look like crap...

Of course you want to see this friend, you're desperate for an evening out but, gosh darnit, you just don't want to get ready.  Who could blame you?

I've got an idea.

Don't change, you want to be comfortable, just add.  Add on some glitz and glitter and you'll instantly look like you know what you're doing in the dressing department and will appear ready for an evening of debauchery drinks.

Impact Earrings. Frosted Necklace. Smooth Sailing Necklace. Assemblage Bracelet.

Layer on necklaces to add sparkle, color and texture.  Technically I'm only wearing two necklaces.  One is this necklace that I love because it dresses up an outfit and is so long that it can be doubled up.  The other is this little smarty pants.  You get more bang for you buck with this baby.  It's one necklace that has a double hook clasp allowing you to take it apart and wear whatever strands you'd like.  You virtually can create a different look for every day of the week.  You can even throw some of your own necklaces on the Genius clasp and really mix and match.  You also won't have chains tangling up around your neck, which I strongly dislike.

Adding large hoops and a chunky bracelet make me feel better about myself. ;-)

Throw on a cardigan or a cute little jacket over that t-shirt and a pair of heels and get going.  It's literally a look that takes minutes (not hours) to think about and execute.

A college professor of mine would always tell us to "work smarter, not harder."  That definitely should apply to your "get ready" routine.

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