Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hand Full of Stacks ;-)

One of the easiest and quickest things you can do to amp up an outfit is layer or stack your accessories.

I love to add layers of bangles to create an impact and it's one of those tricks that literally takes no time or thought.  Just find some of your favorite bracelets and stack them on your wrist.

Amplify and Wrap Star Bracelets (Wrap Star comes in multiple colors)

In my opinion, stacking your bracelets with your watch gives such a rich look.

Twisted Sister and Amplify Bracelets
Mix Metals

These bracelets are from last season's lia sophia catalog but I wanted to give an example of how you can just stack and stack to get impact.

My one tip when layering bracelets, keep it odd.  Add your bangles in odd numbers, 3 or 5, for the best look.  Bracelets like "Wrap Star" are awesome because it is just one bracelet but gives the impression (depending on the size of your wrist) that you're wearing multiples.

You also can layer rings.  I'm not saying put a ring on every finger, but stack bands or wear a couple of rings on one hand of varying sizes.  Throw in your fine jewelry with your lia sophia, get wear out of both.  I also love the look of a statement ring with a knuckle ring that are so big right now.  They can be found anywhere, some of my favorites are on

Ignore my man hands.  I didn't realize I had man hands until I took these pictures.

Ice Rink and Silver Screen Rings

Layering necklaces is pretty standard fare when it comes to layering long and short styles.  But I really like the look of layering short and short.  Two dainty chains with different charms on each give you a sweet look and is one of my go-tos when I just want to throw on some jewelry with a plain t-shirt when I'm running out the door.

Initialed and Crystal Bouquet necklaces (comes in two colors)
 Love these looks?  Get them for yourself at

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