Wednesday, March 12, 2014

White Shirt Wednesday

Want to instantly feel classier?  Throw on a white button down shirt.

They're one of those items everyone has in their closet and one of the things the "experts" say is a staple to any wardrobe.  I usually have one in my closet but never wear it.  Until today...

Please ignore my messy closet, thank you.

I decided for White Shirt Wednesday I wanted to give the white button down another shot.  Boy, I'm happy I did.  Just with a tweak of the collar and cuffs I instantly feel more stylish.  I paired mine with a pair of black skinnies but obviously it'll work with ANYTHING.  To "Spring-ify" your crisp, white, classic, pair it with a colored pant and skinny belt (I included a belt with mine and had pictures of my shirt tucked in, which also looked very cute, but apparently I deleted them...typical).
Anyway, it's such a versatile piece that works for every season and looks great by itself or underneath a cardigan/jacket.

Now let's get down to the jewelry...

I went sans necklace and opted for statement earrings instead.  These lil, blue pretties are surprisingly lightweight and also come in gold and white (which I happen to love).

I doubled up a couple of bracelets with my watch.  One is Amplify, which I've featured over and over because it really is a great bracelet to throw on with everything, and the other has a couple of tricks.

The Change It Up bracelet allows you versatility, in that you can switch out the clip on charm.  I used this one.  I topped it all off with the Ice Rink ring because I love me a statement ring.

Not only does it look good, apparently it tastes good too!


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