Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy May

It's practically May!  Can you believe it?
Happy early May Day.

Because it's nearly May, I've got some brand new jewels to show you.  How cute are they?  I love layering dainty little necklaces.  Especially dainty, sparkly, little necklaces.  Need your own?  Let me know, I'd love to help you get them!

Friday, April 25, 2014

High 5 For Friday

It's Friday!!! Yippee!!!  How has your week been?  You're looking a little frazzled.  That's okay.  The weekend is here.

Here are 5 favs from my week...

1. Horay for free jewelry!  I got these beauties today for basically being awesome ;-)

If you love these wrap bracelets as much as I do ask me about them!

2. Finally got my hurrrrss cut... I was in desperate need of a trim.  Thanks Kourt!

3. Beautiful weather has allowed for walks outside with my babay.

4. New white sneaks! I love shoes, especially when they're new ;-) I bought these cuties for my trip to Ireland in June.  They're seriously perfect with anything... even skirts or a dress.  Try it.

Converse. Jack Purcell. Nordstrom

5. Pretty much just need to give a shout out to Friday itself.  This has been one of those weeks where I wasn't so sure I'd make it through.  Nothing in particular happened, just felt particularly long.  Is it bad that most of my favs happened on Friday?  Hope not... Fridays are magical!

Happy Friday friends!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

White Shirt Wednesday

Feeling blue...

To my excitement I received a shipment of jewelry that I totally forgot that I was going to be receiving. I earned some new pieces in March, saw that they had been shipped, and then totally forgot about them until I opened the box on Monday.  New, exclusive May pieces.

Lots of pretty blues inside, perfect for Spring.  I love these three bangles and especially love the way they can be dressed up or dressed down.

I went for the scarf/necklace combo again (rather than having the necklace underneath the scarf I put this one between the scarf layers).  White shirt, light jeans, airy scarf and soft blues say Spring.

On a side note...I hate taking these pictures.  Why do I do this to myself?

This is pretty much how I feel when taking them...

I took 500 out of 501 pictures with that ginormous bra in the background... didn't even notice it...
Oh, I also forgot to throw on an earring, but these are pretty...

I now realize you can't really see what the earrings look like.  Gah... They're crystals.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, April 21, 2014


I just had to share my baby girl on Easter Sunday.
She looked so very sweet in her bonnet and little white dress.

What a perfect day... beautiful weather, time spent with family and a happy baby.  What more could you ask for?

Callyn celebrated her first Easter, had her first Easter egg hunt and for being so little, actually got into the whole Easter basket thing.  Because her new goodies were easily accessible and lots of fun colors she actually reached her little hands in and pulled things out.  So fun!

I hope everyone's day was just as perfect.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter friends and family! Framily.

Happy the weekend is here and excited that we get to celebrate Easter!  For me, Easter means that it is officially Spring.

In honor of Easter and Spring, little Boo and I partook in an Easter tradition/family tradition... coloring Easter eggs on Good Friday.  As she is only 8 months old she did not get as excited as I wanted her to.  However, she did enjoy putting the eggs in her  mouth (which quickly stopped after I explained to her where eggs come from).  Look at the excitement on her face...

So looking forward to nice weather, Easter mass, time spent with family and baby girl in her Easter dress and bonnet.

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Do YOU Feel Put Together

in a pinch

Loop scarve / Head wrap turban / Bare Escentuals beauty product, $25

What makes you feel put together?

I just started to think about this randomly in the shower the other day.  I suppose it's because I never feel put together anymore.  I stay at home with baby and don't leave the house very often so I don't feel the need to look presentable during the day.  I'm sure some would object to this or say that you're less productive if you don't get ready in the morning.  Well, to each their own...

Anyway, I started to think about what makes women I see look so well kept.  You know, those women that you see out and about that seem like they've got it all together?  Hair done, makeup is perfection, outfit looks like they have a stylist? 

I recently saw one of these women last weekend in a hotel while visiting my sister.  
I was down having breakfast when I noticed one woman that I thought looked so nice, especially for 8:00 in the morning on a weekend.  What makes her get up in the  morning and put on makeup, do her hair and throw on something utterly fabulous?
With all that being said, back to my fat pants and a pony tail I go ;-)

Upon further "investigation"(me creeping her) I start to notice, well, maybe she isn't actually wearing makeup, and, well, her outfit isn't anything high fashion.  Then what makes her look so amazing?!  I think I've discovered it.  She just had little touches, little accessories, simple, small things that made her appear above the rest of us with bed head, still in our pajamas.  A bare face with a touch of color on her lip made her appear to have on a full face of makeup, a gauzy scarf elevated her simple tee.  Why can't I do these things?  Of course I can!  I can throw on some small things whenever I'm about to walk out the door to give the impression I give a crap today!

So then, what is it that makes ME feel put together?  Accessories, usually accessories.  It gives the impression that I've at least put a bit of thought into my look.  Throwing on a bracelet with my watch and a pair of sparkly, simple earrings usually perks me right up.  In honor of that, I just HAD to get myself some new pieces.  I went a little nuts with earrings but I thought all of these could be dressed up or dressed down or dress up my dressed down look?  Ya follow me?

A shear lip color is also a nice touch.  I love this lip sheer for a touch of color and hydration.  I am one to put on layers of lip balm, but why not use one with some tint?

I love, love, love these hair turbans (I've already got mine on order).  Perfect for any bad hair day.

Something also has to be said for a scarf.  I feel much better about myself when I have one on and always think people look like they know what they're doing (in the fashion/style department) when they're wearing one.

I typically see someone in a particularly cute scarf and feel shameful because I didn't think to add one to my outfit.  This usually happens at the mall.  What is it about malls that make you feel so bad about your own style?  Or is that just me?  I make sure I wear something mildly cute because I know I'll encounter people with impeccable fashion sense.  I walk out the door feeling pretty good about myself, walk into the first store and instantly feel like a big, 'ol dump as soon as I see how cute everyone else is.  Ugh... I digress...

ANYWAY... SCARVES!  I was talking about scarves!  You can find them everywhere and at any price point.  As of late, I've been picking mine up from Target.  Very lightweight and just perfect for Spring and at very reasonable price point.

Simple pieces can lead to a simply fabulous look.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

White Shirt Wednesday

I bet ya didn't think I was going to do a White Shirt Wednesday post today, did ya?  Yeah, me either.

What a week it's been so far.  I'm exhausted... Baby has been totally off her normal sleep habits and it's about killing me.  I just want to lay on the couch and slip into a coma. BUT, I've decided to stop being lazy and write.  In doing so, I came up with this little ditty.  You wouldn't even know I'm wearing some men's cheap-o shirt from Wal-Mart.

I haven't been able to wear this necklace yet because I'm not sure I've been outside the house, nevertheless, I love it.  It's a nice size and is a statement.  It also gives off an ombre look which is really fun.  I've gone obvious and worn it with orange, however, it can be worn with so much!  Play with it.  Or just wear it with your white tee.

I went simple with the rest of my accessories and just threw on a pair of studs and a fun little ring.  I tried hoops with it but they just aren't me.  It was also a lot of "volume" in a small area.  Not the look I was going for.  Cute sandals would be much more Spring but I really didn't want you to see that I have only 5 1/2 toes painted right now...

When I started throwing this outfit together I was feeling really dumpy (maybe because I haven't showered today, who knows) but as soon as I put on my cardigan and that necklace I was feeling all sorts of cute.  Some times some of our best wardrobe decisions are the ones we make based on no thought whatsoever.

Here's something fun for all of you to look at...

As I was taking my WSW pictures Patrick came in and asked why I don't put him on the blog.  Because I aim to please, here he is... it's also an explanation as to why I don't put him on the blog.
Take note of the pants tucked into his socks.  I'd also like to make you aware that he chose to pair his bright red ISU sweats with an argyle sweater.  Pretty sure there is also some bed head in there too.  Love ya!