Thursday, April 10, 2014

Do YOU Feel Put Together

in a pinch

Loop scarve / Head wrap turban / Bare Escentuals beauty product, $25

What makes you feel put together?

I just started to think about this randomly in the shower the other day.  I suppose it's because I never feel put together anymore.  I stay at home with baby and don't leave the house very often so I don't feel the need to look presentable during the day.  I'm sure some would object to this or say that you're less productive if you don't get ready in the morning.  Well, to each their own...

Anyway, I started to think about what makes women I see look so well kept.  You know, those women that you see out and about that seem like they've got it all together?  Hair done, makeup is perfection, outfit looks like they have a stylist? 

I recently saw one of these women last weekend in a hotel while visiting my sister.  
I was down having breakfast when I noticed one woman that I thought looked so nice, especially for 8:00 in the morning on a weekend.  What makes her get up in the  morning and put on makeup, do her hair and throw on something utterly fabulous?
With all that being said, back to my fat pants and a pony tail I go ;-)

Upon further "investigation"(me creeping her) I start to notice, well, maybe she isn't actually wearing makeup, and, well, her outfit isn't anything high fashion.  Then what makes her look so amazing?!  I think I've discovered it.  She just had little touches, little accessories, simple, small things that made her appear above the rest of us with bed head, still in our pajamas.  A bare face with a touch of color on her lip made her appear to have on a full face of makeup, a gauzy scarf elevated her simple tee.  Why can't I do these things?  Of course I can!  I can throw on some small things whenever I'm about to walk out the door to give the impression I give a crap today!

So then, what is it that makes ME feel put together?  Accessories, usually accessories.  It gives the impression that I've at least put a bit of thought into my look.  Throwing on a bracelet with my watch and a pair of sparkly, simple earrings usually perks me right up.  In honor of that, I just HAD to get myself some new pieces.  I went a little nuts with earrings but I thought all of these could be dressed up or dressed down or dress up my dressed down look?  Ya follow me?

A shear lip color is also a nice touch.  I love this lip sheer for a touch of color and hydration.  I am one to put on layers of lip balm, but why not use one with some tint?

I love, love, love these hair turbans (I've already got mine on order).  Perfect for any bad hair day.

Something also has to be said for a scarf.  I feel much better about myself when I have one on and always think people look like they know what they're doing (in the fashion/style department) when they're wearing one.

I typically see someone in a particularly cute scarf and feel shameful because I didn't think to add one to my outfit.  This usually happens at the mall.  What is it about malls that make you feel so bad about your own style?  Or is that just me?  I make sure I wear something mildly cute because I know I'll encounter people with impeccable fashion sense.  I walk out the door feeling pretty good about myself, walk into the first store and instantly feel like a big, 'ol dump as soon as I see how cute everyone else is.  Ugh... I digress...

ANYWAY... SCARVES!  I was talking about scarves!  You can find them everywhere and at any price point.  As of late, I've been picking mine up from Target.  Very lightweight and just perfect for Spring and at very reasonable price point.

Simple pieces can lead to a simply fabulous look.

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