Wednesday, February 26, 2014

White Shirt Wednesday

We're going edgy-ish today.  
I am not an edgy person but after seeing this necklace I thought I needed to put together an outfit with a bit of edge. The Palladian necklace found here, would be absolutely beautiful when worn with t-shirt and jeans or a simple cocktail dress.  I love this thing and so does (name drop) Jessica Alba.  Seeing this picture of her wearing it is where I first fell in love.

Top | Nordstrom  Jacket | ASOS  Leggings | Don't know, they're maternity...don't judge  Boots | Steve Madden

In case you're more of a white shirt only person

I chose to pair it with an oversized, white, buttoned blouse, my little sister's leather jacket that she does not know I have (thank you Callie), leggings and my Steve Madden boots that I've mentioned in an earlier post.  Wearing my shirt buttoned to the top with the necklace underneath the collar gives it the feel of being a broach (more ways to wear give your pieces longevity).  Playing a supporting role is a simple bracelet found here and a big 'ol silver ring.  Definitely two pieces that can be thrown on with anything.


  1. love ittttt. and i love edgy. its find it hard to make edgy look classy at the same time. you nailed it.

  2. Adorable!!!! I love these!