Wednesday, February 12, 2014

White Shirt Wednesday

Although I mentioned that I do not have the majority of my jewelry I still wanted to get started with my White Shirt Wednesday's.  Today's White Shirt Wednesday is brought to you by Callyn whose white shirt is from Carter's and probably features some spit up stains.

Because the weather has been so cold and because we've all been quietly saying a little prayer for Spring to come, I decided to feature a necklace that screams warmer weather.  Statement necklaces are in right now and this necklace is no exception. Flowers, brightly colored stones and blue beads make this necklace fun.  Get it out the first day of Spring or pair it with a cardigan and skinnies to make it more Winter appropriate.  You can find "Full Bloom" here.  See below for some styling ideas from my own closet.

For a casual, every-day look that is more inline with the season try this.  The colors in the necklace are really brought out by my bright orange cardigan but are kept season appropriate by pairing with a pair of navy chinos.  Of course jeans would look just as great.  For some added texture I went with a braided belt.  As far as complementary jewelry goes, I chose a pair of knotted hoops (they also come in gold) that can be found here and a silver ring that has a bit of interest and goes with absolutely everything.  Check it out here.

For those of you concerned about the necklace being around my six month old's neck, you can rest assured that she was supervised the whole 30 seconds it took me to take the picture.  As soon as her face started to turn purple I took it off (sarcasm).

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  1. What a beautiful Model you have! :) Love the last paragraph!!! ;)