Monday, February 24, 2014

Love This Look...

I happen to be relaxing this afternoon while baby girl is down for a nap.  While flicking through the channels I catch a glimpse of Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the latest Beyond Candid with Giuliana on E!.
Oh.My.Gosh.  Her outfit was so cute and so Spring.  It got me thinking that it would be so simple to re-create and there are some lia sophia statement necklaces that would work perfectly.

As you can see from my creepy, "take a picture of you while you're on TV" pictures, the gist of her outfit is a denim jacket, Spring-y pants and a statement necklace.  What I love about this look is that she made the jacket into her shirt as opposed to the jacket being added to a shirt.  This look would also work if you used a typical chambray or denim shirt but I just think that there is something so unexpected about using the denim jacket.  Anyway, the jacket is buttoned up with the collar "popped," and then a statement necklace is thrown on over it all.  I just love it.  

This look could easily be re-created with your own denim jacket, a pair of colored or patterned pants (please, no denim.  A Canadian tuxedo is not the look you're going for here...or maybe it is, I don't want to discriminate) and this necklace, or this necklace, or maybe this necklace (seriously, go to my website.  There are SO many options  Throw on a simple little earring like this or this add a watch and you are B-E-A-UTIFUL!

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