Wednesday, February 19, 2014

White Shirt Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

For this White Shirt Wednesday I wanted to more or less show you how you can accessorize an accessory.

I love wearing scarves, I feel like they can instantly bring up the look of an outfit and just make you feel better.  I love them on those days when you're lucky to run a comb through your hair and all you want to do is throw it up in a pony.  If I only put my hair in a pony I just feel bleh...but if I do this and then throw a scarf on I instantly feel chic.  Depending on the kind of scarf you choose, they sometimes can feel a little casual.  Your first idea might be to put on some statement earrings to add a little something extra.  But what about a necklace?  It might not be your first thought, but it should.  I love the look of a necklace peaking out from a scarf.  I thought this tasseled necklace would be a perfect fit.  You could also try a shorter version with more color or stones or something more bib-like that's on a longer chain to really make a statement.

What my look is missing that I really would have loved is a statement ring.  I loooove statement rings and can't believe I didn't have one to go with this outfit.  But if I did, it would have been this one.  More gold, more stones, totally trendy when worn on your index finger.  Also, if my head would have been screwed on straight, I probably would have thrown on my little gold watch with this bangle as well.  I've featured it before but it really is so good.  Add a simple stud and, for once, you look effortless without actually putting in much effort!

While I'm on the topic of my jewels I would just like to say.......IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE, MY JEWELRY IS HERE!  All of my glorious jewelry came in a big 'ol box last week and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Let's have a really, call me, let's have a party.  I want to come over.  Please?  If you're in the mood to get your gals together and have a cocktail or ten invite me over.  If you love to drink and you love to shop, why not combine the two?  We all know we make our best decisions after we've had a few.  If you love the idea of getting some new accessories at great prices but are a little apprehensive about having people to your messy house, let's talk.  If you're apprehensive about having people over because you can't cook, let's talk.  We can make something work.

Oh, oh, oh and lastly; I probably should mention that so far, for White Shirt Wednesday, I've just been throwing on a Hanes men's white tee.  I pick packs of them up from Wal-Mart or Target and throw them on under everything.  Try it in a v-neck, my fav.  
I also want to say that I promise not every White Shirt Wednesday will include a cardigan. I just love me a good cardigan.  This one is the Jackie cardigan from J.Crew.  Jeans are from Loft and shoes, no joke, have been around since I was in 8th grade.  My scarf was a gift and isn't actually an infinity scarf.  Solution?  Tie the ends together, duh.  I put the knot in front and tucked the tassels in and, voila, it's a chic infinity.  Play around with your look, have fun.  Make your clothes work for you.

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